3 Safe and Fun ‘ehem’ Positions for Couples Age 50s

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com A common problem that occurs at age couples further in bed, was none other than back pain as a result of the wrong ‘ehem’ positions. Not a few of them are so lazy fuck because his body is not as strong as before.

“Pain can make the mood decline, especially in the back and knees that can be injured,” said Dr. Pepper Schwartz, AARP’s Love, ‘ehem’ and Relationship Ambassador.

To avoid such situations, Schwartz gave three ‘ehem’ positions most safe and comfortable for couples over 50 years. Quoted from page Huffington Post written on Friday (28/10/2016).

1. Spooning

traditional ‘ehem’ position is very suitable for the elderly couple. At the start of the arms on the bed to lay down for making out with each other.

Schwartz suggested that held her first husband and did lovemaking from the rear position.

“This is a great position for the back and stomach bigger,” said Schwartz.

2. From behind

By starting to make love on the back will give comfort to both.

3. Use seat

husband should occupy a seat in this ‘ehem’ position, and the wife was right in his lap.

Schwartz reminded to use a low chair so that the feet can touch the floor wife and balance the body.

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