4 Ways to Make Sperm Stronger, Faster, and More Fertile

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Based on the record of the National Institutes of Health , about 15 percent of couples have difficulty conceiving. One third of these problems lies in the male sperm. Yes, the quality of the sperm will determine the quality of pregnancies in women and fetus.

An Israeli study found the best sperm quality in winter and early spring, and while on vacation or weekend arrived. When off, pressure or stress experienced reduced because most of the men who worked the middle of the holiday.

In addition, the Head of Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, Ashok Aganwal describes four following lifestyle changes can improve the quality of your sperm as reported Men’s Health Monday (31/10/2016).

1. Avoiding disability
Sperm is not entirely shaped like a tiny tadpole. In fact, 90 percent of sperm swimmers too disabled to penetrate the egg. Excess free radicals may cause imperfections sperm.

To overcome this, the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants such as lycopene found in tomatoes.

2. Diligent exercise
One time a man ejaculate can contain 15 to 150 million sperm. Harvard researchers found men who regularly exercise have a sperm count 33 percent higher than men who rarely exercise. This is because exercise helps burn fat while it enhances testosterone.

3. Create sperm continue to move
Sperm you have to carry out its mission which is to penetrate the egg within 12-14 hours, since that time the sperm can survive. Success penetrate the egg depends on the speed they swim.

Avoid putting smartphone in a pants pocket or near the bottom of the penis. Because, Cleveland Clinic study says, the man who put the phone in a pocket can decrease sperm mobility because the electromagnetic waves from mobile phones.

4. Keep them alive
Sperm must be kept alive. Lubricating fluid that is used to help increase ‘ehem’ activity may cause problems with sperm. Lubricants, including those that contain natural ingredients they may contain chemicals that are acidic or alkaline and can be toxic to sperm.

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