Aroma unique as Fingerprint Your body is not only a unique fingerprint, body odor or scent the body of each person was different. Your natural scent will remain the same even if you change your food intake.

Mammals such as mice and humans are known to have a unique scent, determined by genetic factors called odortypes (type scent). This scent helps distinguish one person from another person to assist the process of choosing a partner.

scent of each person is determined in part by genes in genomic section called major histocompatibility complex (MHC), which plays a role in immunity system and found in all vertebrate creatures.

Sweat and urine

Information on the scent is spread through body fluids such as sweat and urine containing chemical molecules are released into the air, called volatile organic compounds (VOCs), quoted from page LiveScience Sunday (10/30/2016).

type of food consumed by animals or humans may also affect the scent of their bodies, such as eating garlic in large quantities. Therefore, researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia tried to find out whether the change of food intake can change the scent is determined by genes.

In studies involving mice, indicating that the scent produced genetically remained after the mice modified their food intake and dietary changes are enough to influence the scent of each rat. Natural scent of each rat can still be detected.

Like fingerprints

“The findings using this animal studies support the notion that body odor is produced consistently and is analogous to a fingerprint or DNA sample,” said study author Gary Beauchamp of the Monell.

“These findings indicate that the scent produced biologically, such as fingerprints, can be relied upon to identify a person,” says chemist from Monel involved in writing the study, Jae Kwak.

According to him, if the study is also true in humans, will open the possibility to develop tools that can detect the scent of each individual. Beauchamp also said that the same method is used to view the scent of different associated with certain diseases.

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