Cost of Drug Research in Indonesia Still Lacking To produce pharmaceutical products native to Indonesia requires many stages must be passed. Whereas for the affairs of raw materials, the country has natural resources that should be used and not used by other countries.

Chairman of the Indonesian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Sangkot Marzuki, also revealed the weaknesses that still exist in the field of science and technology development to examine raw materials in Indonesia.

“Almost no fundamental research to generate knowledge, which many present study was conducted to promotion. Plus funds from the government almost nothing. In fact, fundamental research is really important for Indonesia,” said Sangkot in the “Innovation Sector Research technology and Pharmaceuticals, Accelerates Drug Self-sufficiency “in Cikarang, West Java, was written on Friday (28/10/2016).

According to Prof. Sangkot, biotechnology research is the next industrial revolution. He also said that to advance an industry such as the pharmaceutical field, a scientific must always evolving.

“If I want to advance biotechnology, ya have to build capabilities biothecnologynya. And to be able to convince the government that industrial research must be supported by basic science to develop scientific research,” he said.

Unfortunately, investors are still less interested in pharmaceutical research such as studies of medicinal raw materials. From government funds have been just 0.09 percent. “It was very small. In terms of the appropriateness of a nation seemed to be embarrassed,” he concluded.

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