Experts said about Jessica Expression After Accept Verdict

Jessica sad, angry, or scared?

Previously, Handoko explained that there are many kinds of expression. Expression related to the amygdala (the brain that plays a role cultivate the memory of emotional reactions) who ordered a number of muscles to express emotions.

Muscles that include facial muscles that can be seen from the face. The amygdala also tells the body to froze, abdominal pain, trembling, until pale skin, including downhill posture, shoulders downhill and so on.

Speaking of Jessica, Handoko examine expression included in the category of fear of being seen from his posture that looked down, her face a bit pale.

“So the fear was not always associated with a shout, as they went up jet coaster . Some people are afraid to see the snake, he ran away. There is also the fear of sculpting or diving. All the categories that included fear. In this case, Jessica is definitely afraid, “said the author of the book Detect Lies them.

Interestingly, he said, is precisely the expression of Jessica shows the same thing when compared with CCTV video televised.

“Compared with CCTV video showing Jessica stood then faced the camera and then look on his face down, his eyebrows, then his mouth down and put it in. It was fear. Coupled then with the movement of his right hand scratching the palm of your left hand continues the rotation, left hand scratched his right hand several times. it was quite a long time, it was also an expression of fear, “he said.

Handoko see a trend of expression, at the hearing with CCTV is also similar. It could be said that it is the expression of Jessica fear like that.

“I denied the claims, Jessica quiet why he was not afraid. In fact, it might indeed do (fear) as it was, motionless, face down, eyebrows down, mouth get in, shoulders down, and so forth . So that does not bode Jessica quiet, even though the verdict affect his life, “he said.

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