Sleep Can Make Damaged Hair Woman accidentally often damage hair with past behavior. For example, often use catokan hair, hair color change is also a hair dryer can make loss and dandruff.

In addition to the hair products and equipment, other habits such as sleep also can damage your hair. Often you are waking up in a tangled and messy hair, or find a strand of hair that fall on the pillow.

This is a sign that it’s possible to sleep you have damaged hair beauty. Here is a habit that can damage your hair during sleep and how to overcome, reported by the Prevention Friday (28/10/2016).

1. Hair fastened

Sleep in a state tightly knotted hair can make your hair fall out. This is because the tight knot of hair can cause hair attracted from the roots, especially when you change your sleeping position. This condition can develop into traction alopecia, in which hair length becomes shorter and thinner.

If the hair had to be tied up during sleep, should loosen the knot to reduce the amount of hair loss.

2. Combing the hair before going to bed

Forget the old myth that says, brushing hair 100 times can make the hair shine. Combing the hair can make you depressed. If you want to comb my hair before going to bed, use a comb with teeth rare, that will not pull your hair.

3. Sleep after shampooing

Sleep in a state of wet hair after shampooing can trigger hair loss. This is because wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. Each strand of hair is made of a cohesive chain to be developed along with chemical bonds.

Some of these ties could be damaged by water, as well as the heat and humidity, can make the hair more fragile.

However, do not use a hair dryer to completely dry. Use a hair dryer at least only at the top or root of the hair to prevent breakage closest to the scalp.

4. Wearing cotton pillowcase

If you have fine hair and brittle, rough cotton pillowcases can rip and make the hair matted. Use a pillowcase of silk or satin because it is softer and reduces friction on the hair when you turn around a sleeping position.

soft cloth can also help hair produces natural oils. It is important to dry and frizzy hair.

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