Strange, Good Advice It is precisely Make Friends Galau So Suicide Intent When a person is facing a problem, particularly large scale, of course, such negative thoughts of suicide had crossed in the mind of the person.

This is because when her sadness caused by the problem whatever it is, most people unconsciously already defeated once deceived by a number of other negative things like despair, disappointment, difficulty accepting the fact, uncertainty about the future, a deep hatred against certain parties that are considered relevant and the most severe, a strong desire to end his life with strong hopes all the problems will also disappear when the last breath is exhaled.

Although the end life is not a rational solution and did not reflect the maturity, but it can not be denied that anyone, whether he was young or old, faced major problems that make it too stressful, most likely will not use common sense to solve the problem.

Some people consider greeting someone who is attempt suicide just limited to words alone or just a bluff which is intended to draw attention to a particular person who is considered to be the source of his destruction.

But unfortunately, there are some people who actually reckless or was not kidding when he expressed his intention to commit suicide.

Those who suffer from conditions like these are worth noting by those closest around him because of the potential to do so vile that threatens his life is enormous.

Attention is not enough because of the desperate need to be given a positive input that can help her think twice to commit suicide.

But be careful, the positive feedbacks that many forms and words of motivation that was brought can not carelessly because it can actually worsen the situation.

mistake many people who are trying to calm his friend who wants to commit suicide is to use certain sentences which he considers good and adults but is actually very dangerous and makes her become much more sensitive and more motivated to commit suicide.

Any word or phrase that sounds powerful but in fact immoral effect for those whose lives are no longer run with no intentions?

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