After Fight, Do not Do 3 Things It Beradu argument with a spouse can not be avoided. Precisely dispute or even a small fight in a relationship serves as an adhesive in order to create a healthy and harmonious relationship between you and your partner.

disputes that happen to you and your partner must be resolved in order not to spread to other problems. After both parties forgive each other, it is advisable not to do a number of things such as those listed below is quoted from Times of India on Wednesday (11/02/2016)

1. Do not fake orgasm

Many couples try to fake orgasm so that intercourse is done after the fight looks normal. Experts advise to never faked an orgasm. It is better to negotiate before intercourse.

2. Give it time to cool think

Allow time for your spouse or relatives to cool mind. Even if you are not wrong, not wrong if it gives them time to correct itself. Leave them alone until they realize the mistakes that have been made.

3. Do not focus on the causes of conflict

Many of us are too focused on the causes of conflict. This is equivalent to adding a new problem. Which makes the relationship becomes unhealthy.

Remember not to address old problems that could cause dissension return you and your partner.

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