Current First Aid Foot Blisters foot blisters can occur due to friction inside the shoe to the foot skin or as a result of using abusive sock. Abrasions heel, toe side, or the rear of the foot prone experienced runners, walkers, or people who have just bought new shoes.

Not to mention the swollen feet plus sweaty feet while using the shoes is the most perfect condition is the onset of blisters.

To heal the blisters on the legs, doctors and sports practitioners advised to wash the first part of the blisters, then wipe with alcohol or iodine, then cover with an adhesive bandage.

As quoted from Boldsky on Wednesday (11/02/2016) to release adhesive bandages, it is recommended also for washing and drying the area. Once the bandage is removed, wipe again with alcohol or other disinfectant to keep skin clean feet as before.

However, it is advisable to take it off at night, let the feet breathe and dry it. Only after a shower in the morning, bandages longer part scuffed it in the same way.

ways as it was not advisable to do diabetics. We recommend that you consult a doctor first.

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