Expired drugs Still Safe for Consumption?

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Each drug certainly has a usage limit, known as expiration date. But the awareness of individuals to examine the most important thing is often overlooked. Not a few of the people who keep the medicine for too long and accidentally eat them at the expiration time was already passed.

Then Secure expired drugs are consumed?

“The quality of drugs one of them visits from drug stability. From the drug was produced until the time of degradation. When the drug is already expired, the efficacy is reduced or non-existent,” said dr. J. Hudyono, MS., SpOK, MFPM, Staff Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and the staff of the Drug Evaluation Agency for Food and Drug Administration, Pfizer occasions when met after the Press Circle Consumption of Drugs Safe, Avoid Fake Drugs , written on Tuesday (11/01/2016).

However, this can be dangerous, further Hudyono, when the drug is consumed antibiotics then the virus will not die and instead causes resistance, due to the efficacy continue to decline.

“So there is no tolerance when it expired ,” he concluded.

It is also important to familiarize store the medicine properly. For according Hudyono, there are many mistakes that were made public in this case

“People still mistakenly that was cured there are drugs stored in the refrigerator that was a mistake. When the drug is stored below eight degrees will make the clot drugs,” he concluded.

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