Hundreds of Million Air Pollution Kill Toddlers UNICEF recently reported that air pollution has claimed the lives of many children living in polluted areas. One of the 10 deaths of children under three years of age occur due to respiratory problems. Air pollution is one of the causes of this condition.

“Children are more vulnerable than adults. Air pollution is harmful to the lungs, brain, and immune system continues to grow. Children also breathe more rapidly than adults,” said UNICEF is issuing this warning Monday, October 31 last. Air pollution create opportunities for children to be able to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

UNICEF noted, some two billion children living in areas with high outdoor air pollution, which is caused by vehicle emissions, fossil fuel use, dust and waste incineration. South Asia has a number of children who live in that area the most, around 620 million children. Africa is in second with 520 million children. While East Asia and Asia Pacific region amounted to 450 million children.

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake in Delhi says that air pollution is a major factor of the death of an estimated 600,000 children under five every year. Same with being a threat to the lives of millions of children in the years to come.

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