Kama Sutra Positions 5 Make Love Makin Session Hot

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Variations ‘ehem’ position is very important to prevent boredom ‘ehem’. According to experts, the couple needs to be changed at least once a month minimal sexual positions.

One could be a reference of course Kama Sutra. Variations of this ‘ehem’ position has actually been around since 400 BC, recorded by Vatsyayana.

Many people think, Kama Sutra simply a collection of pornographic pictures. But look at the history of Indian Hinduism, Kama Sutra turns originally consisted of prose, poetry and philosophy – no pictures in the original text.

But ten chapters contained in the book, a lot of discussion about how people make love from embracing, caressing, kissing, touching, biting, slapping, groaning, oral ‘ehem’ and other forms of sexual penetration.

But of the many positions of the Kama Sutra, there are five positions that you should try, as quoted Yourtango Tuesday (01/11/2016) the following:

1. Swimmer
Lie down on his stomach and put his hands on the head with her legs wide open. Perform penetration by keeping your feet together. This is the best way to achieve G-spot .

2. The Gymnast

Let the woman lying, lifting his knees toward his head. Prop her feet on your shoulder, knelt down and penetrate. This allows for very deep penetration.

3. Horseback

Instead of the missionary position, place your right foot over your shoulder. Continue cowgirl style until you want to change feet.

This is not only visually appealing but also free his hands to explore.

4. 360 Style

Start with cowgirl then forms an angle of 90 degrees to the right. Slowly rotate to a new and pleasant sensation.

5. ‘ehem’ Wheel

This is quite complicated, but basically, this is another version of cowgirl-woman on top .

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