Kids Can Eat Junk Food, this requirement is menu offered by the restaurant junk food and fast food diverse has always favored individuals of all ages, especially by children. Unfortunately this delicious food can cause various health problems when consumed in excessive amounts.

Maybe adults can still hold even stop eating these foods, but not in children. “We can not forbid-forbid children to eat, let alone in their growth period. So the child may eat junk food long as there is food companion,” said Rita Ramayulis, DCN, Kes from Nutritionist Association (Persagi ), in the “Memorial Day Obesity” at the House of DG P2PL, written on Tuesday (11/01/2016).

According to Rita, if the child wants to eat junk food and fast food, mothers should prepare complementary food that one serving of fruits and vegetables.

“For example, he wants the chicken fast food but he had to eat the same vegetable or after a meal junk food he shall eat the fruit. That way he will feel full and baseball pengin eat menu junk food another, “he explained.

Rita explained that the fiber in vegetables can increase the volume of the stomach which can prolong satiety. Moreover, vegetables and fruits are also effectively capture the excess fat in the body, even consume water-soluble fiber can break the cycle of formation of cholesterol.

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