Kids who Love Sports Not 100 Percent Healthy The benefits of outdoor exercise was not 100 percent come by children who live in urban areas. Exposure to carbon black (mostly from diesel exhaust) is able to reduce the effects of sports such as inflammation in the airways.

Assistant Professor at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) in New York City, USA, Stephanie Lovinsky said, based on the results of the study they published in journal Environmental Research child -children who exercise outdoors at risk of exposure to black carbon 25 percent higher than children who are inactive.

This makes the benefits of exercise should prevent airway inflammation, the body will not be obtained because of their exposure to black carbon.

As quoted from Times of India Tuesday (01/11/2016), 129 children aged nine to 14 years were engaged by Stephanie in this study. The children were given wrist motion detector to measure their physical activity for six days. Researchers also monitor exposure to carbon black in the bodies of children were using a special vest.

As a result, signs of airway inflammation was exposed they feel, including the lack of ability of children against allergens in indoor and outdoor.

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