Muscular Men Can not because of Masturbation? Masturbation does have many health benefits. But, some say masturbation would make him difficult to build muscle even exercise.

Channel Gym PictureFit describes a solo sexual activity affects muscle growth. In a video mentioned, ejaculation will make someone lose testosterone. In fact, testosterone is an androgenic hormone, which means it is involved in muscle development.

theory that appeared in chatroom when a man ejaculates and because of the “loss” of testosterone, he reduced the levels of hormones in the body which muscles friendly, thus making it difficult to build muscle. Is it true that the theory?

A study published Archives of Sexual Behavior found that men who do not engage in sexual activity for seven days may have higher testosterone levels, but only temporarily. Testosterone levels back down and was lower than the initial level after seven days, although the cause is unclear.

Another study explained, the people who abstain for three weeks looks a little higher testosterone levels. However disappear when they return to regular sexual routine.

studies that show the efficacy of abstinence is quite questionable. There are other factors that will have an effect on your workout, or specifically how much exercise can build muscle.

According to National Center for Biotechnology Information the level of testosterone in the body is not only higher in the morning, but the exercise in the morning can help prevent the fall in testosterone levels.

On average, a man who does not sport will lose about 30 percent of testosterone. In short, masturbation is not the reason you do not build muscle

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