Pay attention to this in order to Avoid Fake Drugs fake drugs and illegally circulated in the market, including online by irresponsible elements really difficult to distinguish by naked eye. Starting from the shape, color, and packaging of counterfeit drugs is sometimes very similar to the original drug.

“fake drugs that can even contain levels of addictive substances excessive, substances inactive, and other harmful substances. It is conceivable that there are people who need heart medication but she medication can fake with substances that do not fit, then it could die function of heart , “said dr. J. Hudyono, MS., SpOK, MFPM, Staff Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and the staff of the Drug Evaluation Agency for Food and Drug Administration in the “Events Pfizer Press Circle Consumption of Drugs Safe, Avoid Fake Drugs”, written on Tuesday (11/01/2016).

Hudyono appealed to the public to always buy the drugs at the pharmacy, “And do not fall for the cheap drug prices.”

Here you need people pay attention to avoid counterfeit drugs.

a. Buy drugs in the official means of drug services.
b. Prescription drugs or prescription drugs only in pharmacies.
c. Do not buy drugs online, because it does not guarantee that the airport is authorized health professionals such as pharmacists.
d. Always consult a doctor if there is no progress after taking the medication as prescribed.
e. Noting drug packaging is well, like a seal, hygiene packaging, read labels before buying, note the name of the drug, the registration number or marketing authorization number, manufacturer name, and expiration date.
f. Be wary if there are differences in drug prices were quite high.

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