Rachel, Baby’s First Woman Waiting After 101 Years

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Family Allen was awaiting the birth of a baby girl during 101 years. And in 2016, the waiting came with the birth of a baby Rachel on October 26 last.

Birth of baby spouse David (32) and Hollie (30) debunks the myth Allen family could not bear a daughter that’s not true. Rachel became the first girl in the family Allen after May 10, 1915.

“It is so encouraging to bend it as a joke had been there since my wife was pregnant Jacob,” David said as reported by Clactonandfrintongazette .

David and Hollie own first child boy named Jacob who was 2.5 years. And for the second pregnancy, David and Hollie trying to have a daughter.

Indeed, a variety of tricks to write articles to have a daughter like after having raised foot so that the sperm to move slowly or eat grapefruit acid to kill sperm. But, Allen ignore it and choose to use the Shettles method to look at a woman’s ovulation.

For a daughter, Hollie did a lot of research to determine the condition of the men and women that produced a daughter. He saw the time of ovulation, ie shortly before ovulation compared too closely.

In the process of childbirth, Hollie choose how hypnobirth at Colchester General Hospital. After waiting for five hours hypnobirth, Rachel was born on October 26 with a weight of 3.8 kg.

“For us this confidence exceeded expectations. We will do everything we can and if that does not happen we were happy with a healthy baby,” he said.

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