Really Eye Twitch Signs Will Meet Someone? Some believe, eye twitch synonymous with taste homesick, this is also a sign of a person will meet someone who never met. So is it true?

According to doctors of optometry who is based in Washington DC, Hannah Yecheskel, it is only a myth. That is, eye twitching is basically a seizure caused by the nerve in the eye muscle is under pressure.

eye ​​surgeon, Brian Boxer Wachler, MD, also agreed, “the eyelid itself is actually so sensitive that his muscles
susceptible to various types of effects,” he said.

If the twitching did not go away, in fact there are several reasons that can cause it, such as the following, quoted from Womenshealthmag, Monday (10/31/2016):

1. Too much caffeine

If you have the habit of drinking coffee, it can cause eye twitching. “Stimulant properties of caffeine can increase heart rate and your metabolsime thus allowing muscles to work and lead the eye to be nervous,” said Wachler.

2. Stress

When stress strikes, your body reacts in different ways, and eye twitching is one of them. Yecheskel suggested that activities like yoga can reduce the problem twitch your mmebantu

3. Allergy

When you have allergies, it releases histamine that makes you react in a variety of ways, one eye twitching.

4. Not getting enough sleep

Your eyelids are one of the most sensitive muscles in the body, so that the slightest imbalance can influence it. This includes not get enough sleep. “When this happens, your eyes will feel tired and muscle twitching,” said Yecheskel.

5. You need to replace the glasses

Eye twitches can also be caused by this because your eye muscles work extra hard to focus on one thing, “said Yecgeskel.

6. You may have a tumor

Although not common, but it still could happen. To find out, the better visit your doctor to do a blood test. “Your eye doctor will decide whether your emotion go to neuro-opthamologist or not,” said Yecheskel.

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