RSCM Successfully Treat Liver Transplant Surgery General Hospital National Center Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo (RSCM), which became one of the national referral hospital has successfully handled liver transplant operations since 2010 until today.

“liver transplant operation was active both in children and adults since 2010 and has increased in the past two years,” said Director of Medical and Nursing RSCM, Dr.dr.Ratna Dwi Restuti, Sp.THT-KL (K), during a press conference Pre Liver Transplant Surgery, in Building URJT, RSCM, Thursday (03/11/2016).

As disclosed Ratna, cases of liver transplantation is not an easy case, as well as handling and require the cooperation of various specialists.

“The case of this complex requires working very closely, particularly in pediatric patients. Because the work is not just pediatricians, but there is a doctor of pediatric surgery, anesthesia, an intensive care, anatomical pathology, clinical pathology, nutrition, up psychology and collaboration is a major challenge, “said Ratna.

In handling RSCM also be assisted by experts from several countries such as China and Singapore. But the last one year, the arrival of one of the professors from Japan, making the success of the operation is increasing.

As of today, total liver transplant patient treated by RSCM totaling 24 patients and 19 of whom were children. “The success rate of liver transplant surgery this year by 80 percent,” complete Ratna.

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