Students on campus is not permitted Hand in Hand The young couple holding hands often seen in a campus.

A private university in the city of East China, Qingdao, prohibit students holding hands or hugging in public. The rules are applied in Qingdao Binhai University is a private vocational school that was founded in 1992.

They make their own rules about behavior that is not approved by prohibiting students holding hands with her partner for violating the code of conduct.

An unnamed student told the Beijing Times male students should not be shown to the public to help bring bags female lover, also not allowed to share food in a dish in the cafeteria, or sharing earphones.

Another student, who wished to remain anonymous, also said he received a serious warning from the university after lecturer caught holding hands with her boyfriend. Students were asked to clean the toilet as a form of punishment.

“I can not even help her (girlfriend) on campus if he is sick,” said one student.

Some reported the campus does not have sanitation workers and students who violate the rules of discipline often punished cleaning toilets. The university also has strict requirements on personal appearance, one of which prohibits male students dyeing their hair for no good reason.

Sanctions are based on a scoring system ranging from 100, and the student will fail if it has a score less than 60 points, reported by the ECNs Thursday (03/11/2016).

A manager who is responsible to the student said the university has strict requirements since the campus stands. He also said the university does not prohibit student relationship but requires students to be polite.

He recognized the university does not employ sanitation workers, but not because of financial reasons. According to the way it was to form the habit of students to maintain cleanliness by cleaning for eight minutes a day.

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