[Tanya BPJS Kesehatan] Why Cards Off When Needed?

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Good afternoon my name is Bob. I am a husband of Afni weniyanti that on Wednesday, 21 APRIL 2016 gets the unfortunate miscarriage.

At that time I was straight to faskes which have been registered by the company I work that Sritina clinic is located at Jl imam Bonjol 80 Bekasi.

I immediately line up to register and recalled that BPJS card on my wife’s name is not active when my wife already registered teregristrasi started 19-05-2014. I confirmed to HR and Accounting where I work that dues BPJS never in arrears each month.

I also confirmed the HRD to the clinic and the clinic offers outpatient, but I wish my wife was referred to the HOSPITAL due to bleeding experienced by my wife. At that time I was disappointed and finally I brought my wife to the nearest midwife at their own expense. My question is, why BPJS my wife’s health is not active when I really need urgent? Thanks



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