These 5 Signs Powerful Woman in Bed Have you ever wondered, whether the woman you will marry later a great time in the bedroom?

Believe it or not, experts say there are many ways to know. Reporting from Mensfitness Saturday (11/26/2016), here are some factors to figure it out:

1. Confident

“Such confidence is very sexy. Women who dared to show his confidence, also tends to bring it to the bedroom, “says sexologist Jessica O’Reilly, PhD.

However, you can better ensure this, when giving praise to him. “Praise be reassured and encouraged him to become a lover of expressive and assertive,” he said.

2. He appreciated the food and eat slowly

“A woman who greatly appreciate the food and take some time to enjoy the taste, may also have a deep appreciation for earthly pleasures (‘ehem’),” said O’Reilly.

3. Ice cream flavors coffee

A neurologist and director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, Alan Hirsch, MD, studied 720 people aged 24 to 59 years, to find out how the ice cream flavors associated with personality.

He found that people who love ice cream flavors coffee tends dramatic, seductive and flirtatious. While lovers of ice cream with flavors than coffee, associated with low self-esteem and conservatism. So if a woman likes a coffee-flavored ice cream, maybe this was a sign that he was also great in the bedroom.

4. He knows how to move her body

This is perhaps not surprising, since most of the great athletes in the bed. “When we grew to appreciate and trust the performance of the body, then our relationship with the physical will be more intensive. In addition, physical endurance, coordination, flexibility, and strength can be useful when worn while in bed, “Ujat O’Reilly.

5. Great kisser

Notice the way she smelled, it may provide cues about the style of later sexual activity other oral.

“If when kissed just makes you excited, then you can bet that the tongue and lips will be more exciting when it is in the most sensitive areas. But if the first kiss is not perfect, do not worry. Sometimes when you first do it, can not kiss given good results. But the more he is comfortable with you, chances are he will be more able to express themselves, “said O’Reilly.

But what if he’s a gentle kisser? This does not mean he will not be shy in the bedroom. “He may want to be the sweet subject to you someday, and then will dominate you afterwards. Our sexual role is always changing, “says O’Reilly.

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