What Consequently When Frequently Holding BAB?

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com If you ever resist the urge to defecate while being in the office because they do not like to do it in a public bathroom, whether it is bad for health?

According to specialists in internal medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, Keri Peterson, MD, hold BAB could have an adverse impact, especially if encouragement is urgent and you hold back and ignore it.

“First, this can lead to constipation. The longer the dirt was in the large intestine, the stool will be the hardest. If you have this, BAB so uncomfortable even be bleeding when you finally take it out, “Peterson said, as quoted from Womenshealthmag Tuesday (11/01/2016).

If you continue like this, he says you could have hemorrhoids or tissue inside your rectum is damaged. In the end, you need surgery. If you do not want it this way, Peterson advised to eat fibrous foods, exercising in the morning and did not hold back bowel movements.

“Exercise during the morning, can help boost CHAPTER prior to the office. Try also eat foods rich in fiber such as vegetables at night so that the next Chapter smoothly, “he said.

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