3 Action Ridiculous When Love Can Bring Misfortune

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Six years ago, a tragedy occurred ‘ehem’ in the US. Toby Taylor accidentally killing his wife, Kristen, by cutting the wires hair dyer his. Once investigated, it turns out this couple wanted to make love to involve electric shocks. However, the voltage exceeds makes ‘ehem’ game led to the disaster.

Rasa less satisfied with the activities of ‘ehem’ makes a lot of people doing silly things that led to the disaster.

Here are 3 ‘ehem’ aktraksi most dangerous and should be avoided quoted from various sites on the Saturday (12/17/2016)

electric assistance

Quoted from the site Genius Beauty, a small shock during ‘ehem’ couples are believed to add to the excitement. Many special electrical equipment that is sold in stores ‘ehem’ toys.

Everything has a low voltage so it will not hurt anyone. But if in a state of bad luck it could have made a couple or even you are in danger. Voltage electricity can create respiratory failure, cardiac fibrillation, and affect the nervous system.


Everything to do with candles mengingtkan us in something romantic and systematic. It makes a number of desperate people pour hot wax on his belly couples.

Before making a silly action during ‘ehem’, the pair rubbing the oil to turn the erotic atmosphere. But it’s not erotic in the can, but the burns were not rare enough. So be careful.

Location extremes

Do not ever think if the place would provoke extreme libido. Making love in the car will make you and your partner carbon dioxide poisoning.

‘ehem’ on the altitude will make you fall. Think good and bad things will probably happen when selecting where to make love.

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