3 The emergence of Allergy Triggers When Christmas celebration

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Ahead of the Christmas celebrations, preparations medekorasi do. Christmas trees, gifts, and trinkets add a festive celebration of Christmas 2016.

For you and your family, gatherings with relatives with food dishes and drinks like a ritual that must be followed.

Behind the festive Christmas, the shadow of allergy caused by piercings Christmas can affect anyone. Quoted from the website Mirror Saturday (12/24/2016), here are some allergens during Christmas.

Allergy Christmas tree

spruce or pine can make you sneeze and symptoms hayfever in the form of nasal congestion. A group of researchers from Upstate Medical University in New York, the United States found that Christmas tree containing various pollen from other trees will be lodged in the skin.

Fungal spores and pollen trigger allergies. To avoid allergies Christmas tree, you can wear long sleeves and gloves when decorating the tree to avoid irritation to the skin.

Alternatively, you could consider wearing an artificial Christmas tree.

The reaction of excessive food

delicacy food at Christmas can be dangerous for people who have food allergies like peanuts. If not careful in choosing food, you will be attacked by itching and swelling threatening.

The use of certain materials in the form of wheat also cause stomach cramps, flatulence, and diarrhea. You can anticipate to avoid foods that are likely to make your allergies.

Be careful on food ala buffet (buffet) for food equipment often used for several dishes. If you want more secure, you can bring their own snacks to block the stomach.

Allergy dust

For those of you who suffer from allergic asthma, avoid decorating a Christmas tree. Christmas tree storage location in the basement or attic causing a lot of dust.

When the dust cleared, small particles of dust can get into the nose and lungs, which would trigger sneezing and asthma attacks.

To anticipate it, clean it along with the Christmas tree decorations out of storage space. If you use an artificial Christmas tree, take it out and wash immediately with a water hose.

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