3 Tips Controlling the Blazing Passion ‘ehem’ During Christmas

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com togetherness at Christmas highly anticipated by your day-to-day work in the office. Christmas holidays spent together with loved ones for example couples, it has a strong influence on sexual health.

A study released Durex and research institutions based in the United States in 2013 revealed that 50 percent of British people have an increased ‘ehem’ drive during Christmas.

To maintain your sexual health over Christmas 2016, you can apply the following tips, as reported in Netdoctor Saturday (12/24/2016).

1. Note the contraceptive supplies

If you do not want to concede pregnant while having ‘ehem’ during Christmas, supplies of contraceptives should be considered, especially for you and your partner are planning to travel.

2. Bring condoms

Even if you use contraceptives, it could not hurt to bring a condom during spend the Christmas holidays. It is a form of protection if you do not want to get pregnant and stay comfortable having ‘ehem’.

In addition, the condom is the most effective way to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections. Supply of condoms can be obtained from a sexual health clinic for free or buy condoms in pharmacies and supermarkets.

3. The contraceptive pill and the vaginal ring

Christmas including the moments that make you and your partner busy with family events and planning a holiday trip.

If you are taking birth control pills, do not forget to drink according jadwal.Simpan pill-taking schedule reminders on your phone so as not to forget to drink it.

Even so when you are using the vaginal ring. Do not forget to set a reminder to put kembalu after ‘ehem’.

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