3 Ways to Clean Vagina After ‘ehem’

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Do you clean your vagina every time after ‘ehem’? Most women assume, vagina has its own way to cleanse itself. Like vaginal discharge in women.

Although considered intrusive, vaginal discharge is one way the vagina cleans itself of the bacteria in the vagina. However, there’s nothing wrong, you clean the vagina. Anxiety often experienced, such as fear of infection or other sexually transmitted diseases contracted after ‘ehem’ including natural thing.

you can prevent anxiety to clean the vagina in the following way, as reported by the Bustle Thursday (22/11/2016):

Dry the vulva and labia

Vagina should be kept warm. If your vagina is wet, bacteria and fungi will be easy to develop. Dry the vulva and labia you. Change underwear dry.


One way to prevent urinary tract infections (UTI), namely urination. You can urinate after ‘ehem’. This is because during ‘ehem’, the bacteria could be stuck in your urethra.

Avoid direct cleaning with soap

If you are a regular shower using soap or cleaning the vagina after ‘ehem’, you ought to stop doing it. Chemicals contained in soaps will worsen the vagina.

You will be exposed to bacterial vaginosis, which causes inflammation of the vagina.

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