4 Important Aspects in order Kids More Step Forward

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Each child was awarded a latent intelligence with content development different. There are children who can step ahead of the kids his age, but there are also children who have the intelligence that was mediocre. All depends on how parents hone potential and intelligence held the little one.

For parents who want the little one grow into a child one step ahead of his friends, should pay attention to four important aspects that can be done, such as those delivered psychologist Maya Raviando Psi, which is good planning, education, stimulation, nutrition and identification and development of children’s potential.

“Because, basically, each child has their own potential. Just how parents, teachers, and the community to find ways to recognize, appreciate, and develop talents, interests, and the potential of a child naturally,” says Maya quoted from a press release received Health Liputan6.com on Tuesday (20/12/2016)

Further Ajeng said, basically every child has the potential to be a step ahead. As the three gifted children who got a chance to hone their potential in Asia Camp Program, Kadek Prana Gita (6), Kiagus Muhammad Fazil (3), and Hazel Javiero (4).

Fauziah Nasution, Head of External Communication ELN and Danone Medical Nutrition Indonesia, explained, Asian Camp Program is a short training class that is located in Stamford American International School, Singapore.

While delivery Prana prominent in the arts of music, Fazil has great potential in the field of badminton, and hazel who have visual intelligence, is a concrete manifestation of support Nutrilion Royal hopes of helping parents prepare them to be children who step forward, to create a generation of Indonesian people are strong and superior.

The presence of three children, clearly Maya, indicates that there are parents who have a high awareness of their interest and potential, as well as supporting children with education and good planning. Besides meeting the balanced nutrition, parents are also always accompany their children through times of growing and developing with great affection.

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