4 Position ‘ehem’ is worth Tested on New Year’s Eve

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com To welcome the new year, there was no harm in trying new and different sexual positions. This will make the couple’s ‘ehem’ life better and more enjoyable in the future.

As quoted by page Women’s Health on Wednesday (12/21/2016) four ‘ehem’ positions these variations may be worth trying the reference partner in the New Year’s Eve.

1. Stocking stuffer
Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., creator Sexual Pro Series Webinars advised to try this one ‘ehem’ positions. Couple woman lying on her back on the bed, with the knees bent. Wrap the waist with your legs and create a profound movement.

2. Reindeer style
Emily Morse, Ph.D., host of ‘ehem’ with Emily gives a variation of doggy style . ‘ehem’ position from behind will make the sexual experience more passionate in the new year.

“The body of a man near the premises women will make the relationship much more intimate,” said Morse.

3. All wrapped up
In a sideways position like this spoon ( spooning ) the male partner would embrace women both with his hands and feet, so it is like wrapping partner.

4. Sleigh Ride
Similar to women on top but a couple of men were asked to slightly bend her legs as a cushion for a woman.

According to Morse, this ‘ehem’ position will be more fun for women because it was he who would hold the pace and depth of love.

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