4 Reasons Women Should Orgasms Every Day

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Orgasm is a complicated issue for women. The reason is, there are some women who were able to orgasm during ‘ehem’ with a partner, and some are not felt.

Citing Women’s Health, the failure of women to reach orgasm during intercourse is often caused by a distracted mind focused.

A clinical psychologist who is also a specialist sexual dysfunction say, “Women often complain that their mind could not focus during sexual intercourse. Bahal it also happens when they are masturbating.”

The best way to handle it is to meet experts and started practicing focus for orgasm has many health benefits. Here are four reasons women should be more frequent orgasms, quoted from The Fuss Wednesday (21/12/2016):

1. Increases blood circulation

According to Dr. Jennifer Berman, co-founder Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA, orgasm increases blood circulation, keep blood flow in the genital area. This will make you healthy tissue.

2. Forms of cardio exercise

Sexual activity can not replace your daily exercise, but this is quite helpful. Suppose your ‘ehem’ moments as a cardio workout as it also increases heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate were increased.

3. Improve mood

Orgasm is the best way to enhance the mood for at the time of endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin is released.

4. Help you sleep soundly

A survey of 1800 women found that 30 percent of them use an orgasm or sexual release as `natural tidur` medicine.

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