5 Benefits of Healthy Behind Christmas Lively

3. Hanging out with family and friends

For Christians who celebrate, Christmas also has a tradition of gathering with family and friends. Well, moments like this of course make sense of happiness in a person.

“We all need connections, closeness and sharing time together to strengthen the relationship,” says relationship expert, Suzie Hayman.

Cesc Fabregas menghabiskan Natal dengan makan malam bersama keluarganya di Barcelona. (Instagram)

4. Eating with family or friends

One of the traditions during the Christmas dinner together. Studies conducted at Rutgers University in New Jersey, United States revealed regular family dinner together has many advantages. Ranging from obesity to make mental prevented or happier.

5. Time lovemaking couple
In Western countries during the Christmas holidays condom sales higher. This shows the increasing frequency of lovemaking occurs. Fuck itself is good for health such as increased heart work and make so young.

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