5 Benefits of Papaya for Children

Liputan6.com, New Delhi Papaya is one of the fruits mainstay of the mother during baby start eating Complementary feeding (solids). Usually papaya served with scraped or blended and given children in small portions.

When babies over six months papaya suitable given small portions, parents can continue to apply papaya. The more the age of the baby growing, portion can be added. Various extraordinary benefits of this fruit was obtained as a single quote Boldsky, Tuesday (12/13/2016).

1. The digestive system smoothly
Even in small portions, intake of papaya fruit is able to facilitate the digestion of the liver.

2. Increasing the body’s immunity
Although the price is cheap, do not underestimate the amount of vitamin in papaya. The fruit is rich in vitamin C that can increase endurance.

3. Overcome rash
Besides consumed, papaya can also be applied to the skin to cope with skin rash. Cold sensation papaya helps relieve rashes.

4. Prevent intestinal problems
antioxidants and fiber in papaya is effectively able to prevent problems in the gut. In addition, the digestive system work better.

5. Overcome constipation
If the child can not defecate, try to give two tablespoons of papaya scrapings softly to her. Papaya can work like a laxative on the digestive tract.

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