5 Companies Give Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Careers

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Coinciding with the commemoration of Disability Awareness in December this , five companies agreed to sign a commitment and establish a Business and disability Network Indonesia (JBDI).

Based on research data from the University of Indonesia regarding persons with disabilities, from 12:15 per cent of persons with disabilities in Indonesia, only 51.12 percent of participating Indonesia participated in the labor market, lower than non-disabled people stood at 70.40 per cent.

In addition, more people with disabilities who work in the informal sector (65.55 percent) compared to the formal sector (34.45 percent). The low number of persons with disabilities who work in the formal sector became one of the main concerns are expected to be addressed through this network.

Francesco d’Ovidio, ILO Country Director for Indonesia, said that persons with disabilities have a huge potential to explored by companies in achieving their targets. However, each of these companies are still acting on their own without a base implementation that can benefit both the employer and the employee.

“The existence of this network is expected to become a forum for sharing and learning among employers to build an inclusive work environment, conducive and fair. In addition, persons with disabilities can also become more aware of the opportunities that exist for them to develop their career in the field of corporate or formal sector, according to the abilities, interests and talents, “said Francesco, as published in a press statement on Tuesday (20 /12/2016).

Lima companies merged to form the Business & Disability Network Indonesia (JBDI) are PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, PT L’OrĂ©al Indonesia, Standard Chartered Bank, Indonesia, PT TetraPak stainless Engineering and PT Trans Retail Indonesia.

Together with partners, such as the Disabled Persons Organizations (DPO), Ministry of Labour, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Employment BPJS, networks are established voluntarily and formalized by the signing of a commitment that is open, inspired by existing initiatives in each company as well as the Global business and Disability Network of the ILO.

JBDI mission is to encourage the business community in Indonesia to become more inclusive and conducive, either through the exchange of information and experiences as well as through cooperation activities between the company and the various parties Related mutually beneficial and sustainable.

In addition to these missions, there are four commitments that have been the foundation of this network, as follows:

1) Preparing the business sector towards a more inclusive work environment (including in infrastructure, mindset and policies, accessibility, provision of decent accommodation, education and training, and building awareness through the exchange of information)

2) Support the active role of persons with disabilities in order to be ready to enter the working world (including mindset, skills, communication, decent accommodation, education and training, building awareness)

3) Conducting the recruitment of persons with disabilities based on an equal potential and friends with diversity

4) Encourage creative programs that can improve the competitiveness of companies while increasing active role and independence of persons with disabilities.

“We fully support the joint initiative are positive because this is a good opportunity not only for companies but also for persons with disabilities who have a lot of potential and talent. We believe that JBDI can open the door for people with disabilities to be more willing to pursue a career of their dreams. Maybe in the beginning will not be easy, but we must start, “said Gufron Sakaril, Chairman of the Indonesian Association of People with Disabilities.

Francesco added, employing persons with disabilities is not an act of charity. This is an opportunity to develop the company as well as persons with disabilities towards a better career path. He also invited other companies to follow the five steps of this company because it is the right thing to do.

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