5 ‘ehem’ Position Matches for Your Honeymoon

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com honeymoon is awaited moment of each pair newly married. They usually travel to a place away from the crowds. The quiet atmosphere for romance became the main point sought. Kasmaran peak occurs during sexual intercourse.

Launch page India Thursday (12/15/2016), you and your partner need appropriate ‘ehem’ positions when the honeymoon. Before having ‘ehem’, you can stimulate each other with foreplay . For example, caress each other and chatting romantic things.

1. Lap dance

Position lap dance you can do with a sofa and chairs. The man sitting in the chair and you are in his lap. Put your feet hanging over the side.

This position looks sexy as it allows you both look at each other and see each other’s bodies. To make the atmosphere more passionate, you can play music.

2. Side by side

This position is one of the best ‘ehem’ positions on your honeymoon. It is considered sensual and done in two different ways. You can lie alongside each other berhadapan.Melalui this way, you increase the intimacy.

3. Mermaid

‘ehem’ position mermaid (mermaid) including the position most sexy and wild ‘ehem’. You can lie on a table or bed. Lift both legs high. Your husband can hold your feet from front to maintain balance.

4. Roller Coaster

This ‘ehem’ position like a cowgirl. Women are in the top and back to the man. You can slowly start the movement and then increase your speed.

You could also be in a position to lean to increase sexual stimulation.

5. Doggy

When you honeymoon, the doggy position should be attempted. Women will bend and kneel. Couples are behind.

This position is thought to help women reach orgasm for hitting the G-spot.

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