5 Secrets that ‘ehem’ Not Boring

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Do you feel that regular ‘ehem’ life so boring? Moreover, your life as a couple has lived for many years. Activities in bed could have been bland.

As quoted from The Health Site Thursday (22/12/2016), some couples admitted that their ‘ehem’ life felt good when the first six months of the marriage relationship. In order to maintain fixed passionate ‘ehem’, ‘ehem’ secrets that follows will help overcome boredom in bed.

1. Add more variety

If you and your spouse have made love as much as 200 days a year, you should need to add a bit of variety to help the passion in bed. Try new sexual positions and the use of ‘ehem’ toys.

You can also wear a sexy lingerie to make it look better or to watch pornographic movies with friends.

2. Communicate your sexual fantasies

Sexual fantasies will help you better enjoy ‘ehem’ with a partner. You need not be embarrassed to talk about sexual fantasies with a partner, such as more like the doggy position than other sexual positions.

3. Help the couple to achieve orgasm

If your partner feel your ‘ehem’ session with more fun, there is a possibility he wants to have ‘ehem’ more often.

For that, you need to understand better the sensitive parts of the body that will make it more viable. This will help him achieve orgasm.

4. Set mood to shag

Set mood for ‘ehem’. You bsia light candles and play music. It can foster intimacy that helps you satisfied making love in bed.

5. Love your spouse all day

‘ehem’ life is also influenced by how happy you are with your partner. Not only in bed alone, but when you are at home or in the environment around those nearby. Love your spouse all day and wake up harmonious relationship.

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