6 How to Achieve Orgasm During 60 Seconds Long

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com You may doubt, whether orgasm for 60 seconds can occur?

Women usually achieve orgasm lasts only six to thirty seconds. Unlike when you and your partner and set the mood right sexual positions.

You can do the following to ensure longer orgasms, wrote in the Women’s Health Friday (12/16/2016).

1. Set the mood

Lock of orgasm is you have to relax and focus on the fun with friends. The more you enjoy ‘ehem’ with a partner, the better chance you have to obtain a longer orgasm.

you can begin to set the mood. Ask the He massaged so that you are relaxed. Turn off the phone, lock the room door, turn off the lights. Waking intimacy with music and candles.

2. Give praise

Give praise when the pair explore your body. For example, the touch is very soft hands. Si He will be more active touch your vital parts. Any more aroused you.

3. Chatting about ‘ehem’

Nothing wrong, you talk about ‘ehem’, such as talking genitals or scenes in pornographic films. This conversation will keep your attention focused on erotic sensations.

4. Do not underestimate foreplay

If you are having orgasms will lead to passionate ‘ehem’ that spreads throughout the body. The greater the perceived orgasm, you will be at the peak of orgasm.

To achieve great stimulation, foreplay plays a major role. You can start by touching the body and do oral ‘ehem’.

Oral ‘ehem’ helps orgasm. You could ask the couple to control the speed when performing oral ‘ehem’.

5. Make sure all the vital point aroused

One of the keys to extend the whole point of orgasm is vital you obtain stimuli. Make sure the nipples, clitoris, vagina, and the G-spot is stimulated. When you’re both ready for penetration.

Ask the He is playing the clitoris with his fingers.

6. Stimulate the clitoris gently

When she was on the verge of orgasm, the clitoris becomes extremely sensitive. He asked for stimulating the clitoris softer in order to help you maintain a longer orgasm.

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