6 Tips to be Pregnant ‘ehem’ Toys for Men

3. Choose sexual positions that make a woman orgasm

This is not a hoax, orgasm makes the vagina becomes more alkaline. This will change the pH balance is more friendly to the man’s sperm so it is able to reach the ovaries first.

4. Wait time of conception

The right time also be the key to trying to conceive. Believe it or not, today you have ‘ehem’ affect the ‘ehem’ of your baby in the future. To increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy, the experienced nurse, Carmen Kosicek, advised not to have ‘ehem’ near the time of conception, but just as fertile.

5. Eat more calories

“A study conducted by researchers from the University of Exeter, England, suggests, increased calorie intake at least 400 calories per day and consume cereals, especially with the addition of bananas, fish, vegetables and foods rich in other energy could help get the boys, “explains Dr. Ava Cadell, a spokesperson of the Experience Channel is also a ‘ehem’ therapist.

6. Husband needs to drink coffee

Ask your husband to drink caffeinated coffee a height at least half an hour before ‘ehem’. Dr Shettles, the author of How to Choose the ‘ehem’ of Your Baby believe, caffeine can enhance the performance of the sperm, especially those that carry the chromosomes of men.

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