7 Things To Look Pregnant Before Running Sports

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com If you really like to run, but being pregnant at this time, does not mean that the exercise should you remove it for granted. Because actually, there are several ways that a pregnant woman can still do the track.

In fact, a study published in National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), show that by observing certain things, track can still be done by pregnant women without having to fear the potential to threaten the baby in her belly.

Any thing to note pregnant women sports fans keep running so that its activity will be run without threatening the safety of the baby in the womb?

Here’s the answer as quoted from Purewow Friday (12/16/2016):

1. Use proper sports shoes support the body’s balance

Pregnancy makes your center of gravity slightly changed. However, by using shoes Sneakers who has the right crutch, will assist you in maintaining body balance. So, if you feel the shoes Sneakers currently owned less fit to help stabilize your body that are pregnant, it is better immediately prepare a new one.

2. Large size bra is not crowded and specialized sports clothing sweat absorbent

When the size of enlarged breasts due to pregnancy, better immediately prepare a bra size is also larger. Never run without the right bra because it will make the breasts sag. In addition, during pregnancy, your skin is so much more sensitive, so it is better to use clothing that absorbs sweat, so you can avoid problems such as rash or irritation.

3. Consult your doctor agenda

Remember to always notify a health plan your obstetrician before doing so. Because, he knows about all of your medical history both outside and inside, and they can also help adjust the exercise routine run are going to do, and suggest whatever precautions you can do.

4. Know the capacity and ability of the body

During pregnancy, it is important for you to listen to your body and adjust your running speed. It could also mean that this is not the right time to climb a large hill, rough and uneven, or run a long distance.

“Listen to your body and do not overdo the running. But if you feel dizzy, this means you too much in doing it, so try to slow the pace or reduce slightly in intensity, “said the doctor certified internist, Dr. Nancy Simpkins.

5. Check the heart rate

If you are already familiar track time before pregnancy, then you know that checking the heart rate several times interrupted by these activities is important because it could be a measure of the capacity of your body. This article is also highly recommended when jogging in pregnant condition. To more easily monitor your heart rate, you can use the heart rate monitor or mengunduk applications that provide it.

6. Do not miss the warm-up session

When exercising, pregnant women often feel back and leg pain due to the extra weight they have to carry anywhere (belly getting bigger). So Dr. Simpkins suggested that pregnant women are always doing simple stretches, especially for the calf and hamstring tendons. This will help ease the pain after jogging.

7.Tahu limit, avoid force the body to move too much

Shortness of breath, feeling tired more than usual, or back pain that feels incredible, are signs you should stop running and consult your doctor.

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