Acute Brain Parkinson’s disease can be cured Through Intestines? A group of researchers from several institutions in the United States and Europe have found for the first time, the functional relationship or a strong association between the bacteria in the gut and brain disorders acute disease, Parkinson’s.

As quoted from page, Friday (12/23/2016), a group of researchers believe that bacteria in the gut play a very strong role in triggering the onset of symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in humans.
Initially, the research they waged using bacteria in the intestines of mice before finally turning to bacteria in the human gut.

These findings give researchers the article of the latest solutions for treating Parkinson’s disease patients. Knowing the fact the relationship between bacteria in the gut and the brain disorder, researchers finally realized that the most likely targets for treatment is part of the gut, not the brain.

The researchers plan to develop drugs probiotics specifically contains healthy bacteria that will protect people from diseases and potential of experiencing symptoms.

This plan certainly succeeded if it was true link between bacteria in the gut with Parkinson’s disease proved as strong as they found initially.

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