After Christmas Permanent Weight Loss Normal When the Note 4 It is The celebration of Christmas is synonymous with all things which has a sweet taste. Variety funny pastries and drinks high in sugar will be presented are displayed on the living room table.

food and sugary drinks whatever kind and his name is most delicious when used as a dessert. However, try not excessively so that the weight does not suddenly go up after Christmas.

you should be able to work around this. You can still eat sweet foods and drinks typical Christmas celebration without fear of weight gain will go up. Here are suggestions that you can follow, as written by Dr. Muhammad Anwar Irzan on the website Save Doctor quoted on Friday (12/23/2016)

1. Consumption of small amounts of

As long as you eat a cake typical Christmas celebration just a little, without fear of weight gain need not be climbed. Stick to limit your intake of 150 calories.

2. Combine food

you can still satisfy the desire for sweet foods in a manner combining, with fruit or almonds that contain essential fatty acids.

According to Anwar, this way you can do if you want to get healthy nutrition of desserts or sweet foods typical of Christmas.

3. Consumption of fruit as a snack

Eating fruit as a distraction eat, fiber and nutrients your body will get at the same time.

4. Sports

If you still want to eat food typical Christmas sweet with a rather large amount, balanced with exercise.

How-easy enough, right? Please eat any food presented at the celebration of Christmas without fear of weight gain will increase.

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