Alert, ‘ehem’ with Robots Can Make ‘ehem’ Addiction, London – Man had ‘ehem’ with a ‘ehem’ robot is predicted to occur in 2050 . However, robotics experts warn that having ‘ehem’ with robots could lead to addiction.

Sexual intercourse between man and man must of course be with the agreement of both parties. So often, there are times when couples are reluctant, so it does not make love. Unlike the ‘ehem’ robot who wants whenever invited to make love.

Sexbot (robot ‘ehem’) is always there and will not say no when making love. So easily cause addiction,” said Joel like to quote page Daily Mail, Thursday (22/12 /2016).

Semakin banyak orang kesepian, robot 'ehem' bakal jadi tren tahun ini.

Not only addictive, it is probable ‘ehem’ robot has the ability to make love better than humans. Just like any other technology that replaces humans, robots can ‘ehem’ goes beyond the techniques that could be human.

“Because ‘ehem’ robot can be programmed, each robot ‘ehem’ can be tailored to the needs of each individual,” said Joel again.

Hearing Joel exposure, presence of ‘ehem’ robots so terrible. But according to ‘ehem’ therapist from Relate, Gurpreet Singh, the presence of either ‘ehem’ robot for the sexual life of a couple.

“Please enjoy ‘ehem’ robot. This thing will be the same as the other ‘ehem’ toys in a sexual relationship. If you and your spouse are not a problem with the presence of the ‘ehem’ robot, I saw it was not a problem,” said Singh.

However, Singh warned if one no longer make love with a man and chose ‘ehem’ robot, it’s already a problem. “A problem when used with a ‘ehem’ robot reason is because of the fear of intimacy or because the person withdrawing from social relationships,” said Singh.

On the other hand, the presence of ‘ehem’ robot is considered to have a positive value. According to the lecturer from NUI Galway, John Danaher their ‘ehem’ robot is able to replace commercial ‘ehem’ workers (PSK).

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