Alert, Stress Can Leads to Suicide

This type is most commonly experienced among the public. Acute stress is usually triggered by the problems on himself and others’ expectations against which he can not fulfill its full potential.

Those suffering from acute stress usually too often waste time thinking about the expectations of others in the past that has not been achieved. Also suppose next will be expected in the future that actually is not necessarily the case.

In other words, people with acute stress can also be categorized as having paranoid and easily manipulated by the fear of an artificial brain. But strangely, many of them are suffering from acute stress just happy experience.

This is due to acute stress made him more motivated to do things that are considered important. Without it, the person feels he will just be lazy and reluctant to do anything because there is no pressure or encouragement.

But if the levels of acute stress in him too much, then the consequences can be fatal. He will be in a hurry to get something done, helm when responding to an information and tend to become careless, so could injure himself or threatening him without realizing it.

What are the symptoms of acute stress?

Emotions are unstable
Easy to anger
Anxiety badly without cause
Headache usual
Pain in the jaw
stomach knotted
Frequent flatus
irregular heartbeat
Hands sweating

Acute stress can be cured through regular therapy and also through moral support of people around.

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