All People Need Me Time, This reason Whether single or married and has busyness dense, someone needs to tuck ‘me time’ for himself. Although for a while, there are many benefits to be gained through ‘me time’.

Everyone needs ‘me time’ because you can do all the things that we like. In life, there needs to be a time where we no need to think about something, “Carmelia Riyadhni psychologist said the discussion with HOOQ in Jakarta on Friday (12/16/2016) afternoon.

Especially when you’re tired, someone could be more sensitive. But with ‘me time’, such as watching an episode of the drama series favorite, so quieter mind.

Consequently stress is reduced, he will be more focused and concentrating on the next activity. In taking the decision became wiser and various problems also be able to be handled more easily

“This ( ‘ me time ‘) not only great for productivity, but also in relation to people who are already married,” he said.

Then, activity ‘ me time ‘ what’s your favorite?

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