As effective as What ‘ehem’ to Burn Calories?

Looking at the results above, it may be the number of calories you wasted spotty. However, that does not mean you and your partner can not seek something to make your ‘ehem’ more “healthy”.

So, what tricks you can do to burn more calories?

1. Perform longer

Logically, if you have ‘ehem’ longer, of course, more calories are burned.

Needless to concentrate your activities in penetration, longer foreplay can also help you and your partner to burn more calories.

2. Make it hotter

This does not mean you have to turn off the AC during lovemaking. However, make sure your bed sessions more intense and passionate.

The more sweat comes out, the more calories you burn.

3. Try different positions

Do you know that there is such thing as ‘ehem’ calculator? You can enter your weight and your partner, then the position you choose, and they will then compute the calories you can burn.

For a woman weighing about 70 kg and men weighing 95 kg, doing the missionary position (with the woman at the bottom) for 10 minutes, will burn 14 calories (for women), and 47 calories (for men).

If having ‘ehem’ while standing for 10 minutes, the woman will burn 30 calories, 51 calories and men.

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