Avoid Given the recent memories BEDTIME

yourhealthupdate.blogspot.com Avoid sleeping when anger is the usual phrase that you hear. Even so with bad memories, which make you sleep soundly. The discovery revealed a new way to treat people who suffer from the condition of post-traumatic stress disorder and the problem of sleep deprivation as a result of bad memories that thought before sleep.

“The results are interesting for the treatment of clinical problems such as unwanted memories. For example, the memory of the traumatic event became the most prominent examples,” said Christoph Nissen at the University of Freiburg Medical Center, Germany, as quoted New Scientist Tuesday (20/12/2016).

The process of research that 73 participants of male students are shown a picture that would interfere with the comfort of the bed. Images of a truncated form of the body, a corpse or a child crying. On the next day (after sleeping), they were asked to recall the horrific images.

Furthermore, they are directed to memorize as many as 26 pairs of images other gruesome images. Half an hour later, they think about the horrible images and asked to describe the image 52 is terrible.

This was done to see whether the bad memories through the terrible images suppressed better before or after sleep. As a result, the participants the most difficult to forget the image disturbing thoughts after sleeping.

“We recommend erase bad memories from your mind as soon as possible so that they do not think it is too much, especially not bring bad memories during sleep,” said Yunzhe Liu, who works at University College London.

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brains of male students showed a variety of brain regions involved in eliminating the bad image of their mind before and after sleep. For example, when they try to forget the pictures that have been learned only 30 minutes earlier. Memory after a night’s sleep is stronger to remember bad memories.

This suggests, bad memories are in some areas of the brain during sleep that makes them difficult to remove.

However, lack of sleep can be used to prevent bad memories in mind. Preferably, during sleep, your mind is clean and not remembering the bad things.

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