Back Create Onar, What Actually Experienced Novi Amelia? Novi Amelia was arrested dept Jakarta because back acting up. Thursday, December 8, 2016, a model from Medan to make people around Jalan Tebet In the first fret.

At approximately 17:00 pm, the locals saw a woman later identified Novi Amelia down from a taxi. Soon, Novi Amelia screamed, which made one of the residents directly contact the Metro Police Tebet, South Jakarta.

Novi Amelia not the first action of this sort. Four years ago, Novi tripping accidents in Tamansari, West Jakarta. Because often did crazy action ‘, a new sentencing hearing could be conducted in January 2014.

crazy action ever undertaken Novi Amelia whom are requested raped when she was taken to Police Headquarters Mampang because one case, almost naked when the rampage in his rented room on Sept. 27, 2013, and determined to open his pants.

Due to the crazy action, Novi Amelia repeatedly out of the Drug Dependence Hospital (Dependency).

Then came the big question, what conditions are actually being experienced by Novi Amelia until she dared to do crazy stunts like that?

When asked to Mental Specialist Doctors from RSCM, Dr. Dr. Tjhin Wiguna SpKJ, it is difficult to assume the problems being experienced by Novi Amelia.

Therefore, to say Novi Amelia or someone having a particular condition, doctors had to perform a psychiatric specialist psychiatric in-depth examination, physical examination, so as to know the real problem.

“Wow, I can say it’s hard to, because the first one did not do checks directly to that person. You can not just look at the appearance alone, so it’s hard to say something,” said Dr. Tjhin Health when contacted on Friday ( 16/12/2016) afternoon.

Cause for a particular condition, one of them as experienced Novi Amelia, assessed extensively by Dr. Tjhin.

“We will be hard to to say specific causes, because in the field of psychology, we knew factor biopsychosocial. So, there may be biological factors particular, in the sense of whether there are vulnerabilities specific brain, there are psychosocial factors or psychological, and also there social factors specific environment, “said Tjhin explained.

In other words, the factor is very complex. If a specialist psychiatric examination is not deep, clear Tjhin, will be hard to say one particular condition. “Because if not, we seem to judge a particular individual,” said Tjhin added.

Although Dr. Tjhin’ve got a patient with a condition similar as experienced Novi Amelia, it still can not directly “sentenced” someone suffering from what. According Tjhin, each patient has a background that is different.

“We can not generalize,” said Tjhin. “The cases I handle it is the case that is more likely due to the use of substances, so that he does not control himself better. It certainly is different from that experienced by him (Novi Amelia),” said Dr. Tjhin added.

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