Banish Depression Because Alone At Christmas with Masturbation When Christmas comes, most people would gather with family, friends, and relatives. However, for those who pass through the Christmas alone, loneliness will be struck. Depression because of loneliness can be that you have experienced.

Some experts study suggests, in any way that you can do to ward off depression because of loneliness on Christmas Day. As quoted from page Mail Online Friday (12/23/2016), you can masturbate. This helps you feel comfortable.

study mentions, a sense of comfort and personal pleasure of masturbation will reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes. For women can prevent urinary tract infections.

According to Anthony Santella from the University of Sydney, when stimulated, the cervix was open and full of bacteria cervical fluid will come out.

Other researchers find, sexual arousal can counteract depression. Endorphins produced during masturbation will increase levels of cortisol, a hormone to boost the immune system.

On the other hand, masturbation is done alone for personal pleasure turns rated lowered self-esteem, motivation, and makes a person become less attractive.

Hmmmm … Needless to sad again despite having to celebrate Christmas alone.

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