Beautiful doctor Melyawati Hermawan Often Treat Male Hobbies Jajan Bella: “Doctor Melyawati, I’m still on the road. Sorry a bit late so the dock, where the building later in the dock? “
dr. Melyawati: “It’s alright …. maybe college kids up to 14.00”
dr. Melyawati: “Report just want to see dr. Melyawati in building Lukas 6th floor, room 608 L.”

According to the forecast maps in the device within 18 minutes I will arrive on campus a beautiful doctor dr. Hermawan Melyawati megajar. However, at two kilometers ahead, excited great to see the exit toll Pluit dense with large truckloads.

dr. Melyawati Hermawan (Foto: Yoppy Renato)

Exactly at 12.45 I arrived there, thankfully the location of the medical faculty of the University of Atma Jaya (FK Atma Jaya) is quite strategic. Being on the edge of the highway and not far from the exit toll I passed earlier. Hiking I look for the building and the lift to get to the room where the doctor Melyawati Hermawan, SpKK, beautiful doctor in a doctor’s profile on Friday.

atmosphere building Lukas appeared clean, quiet, and cool. Not many students milling around in the afternoon, as far as the eye could see no more than ten students / i sat discussing holding some books. On arrival I was on the floor where the doctor Melyawati teaching, I terkaget. “This campus really calm ngelebihin hospitals yes,” I said to myself.

“Excuse me …”, I said.
“Hello mba please come in,” said Melyawati with a friendly welcoming team written on Friday (11/02/2016).

Every day, in addition to the practice in Siloam Hospitals Kebon Jeruk, Melyawati is taught as a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine Dermatology & Venereology Atma Jaya. There are about 15 to 21 young doctor (KOAs) taught by Mely, a warm greeting beautiful doctor’s.
“Every five weeks was no entourage KOAs skin and venereal new one so I do not ever stop teach,” he said.

Starting from a teaching assistant since finishing S1 medical education at the university, there is no visible awkwardness of gesture Mely body while teaching. He is quite relaxed and expertly explained the course material about allergies to 15 KOAs doctor that afternoon.

dr. Melyawati Hermawan (Foto: Yoppy Renato)

“Nothing trouble anyway for teaching, because if the person I Look, do not want to be a lecturer killer, pengennya make learning atmosphere that is fun, not a fear, and hopefully they become more happy right. If already scared ahead together lecturers, boro-boro seneng the same material, “he said while talking over teaching.

Since the ladies born December 15, indeed aspire to be a teacher instead of becoming a doctor. Even he admitted that time majoring in medicine, he was just following high school friends of his.

“ngikutin friend wrote Capture medical school. Abis want to be an engineer but if ngegaris kagak later house the bent plate later how his business, but I think if afalan champion yaudah right fit to be a doctor,” he said with a laugh.

Although originated from ‘follow friends’, but do not doubt the knowledge and skill in the field of skin and venereal because he has managed to represent Indonesia in the International Pigment Cell Conference in Singapore, in 2014 ago. Presenting his thesis related to skin pigment, Mely had the opportunity to speak in front of the skin and genital experts worldwide. At that time he was taking a specialist in skin and venereal in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (UI FK).

“My guiding Kan dateng too right, my supervisor until moved and said, ‘ouch Mely carry the name of Indonesia,” said the doctor is pretty nosy.

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