Besides Missionary, Peek 3 ‘ehem’ Positions Women who favored, New York- classic missionary position ‘ehem’ is one of the preferred position of women. However, if too bored doing the same position each time having ‘ehem’ with her husband. Not surprisingly, women are also fond of the other ‘ehem’ positions that are not less heat other than missionary.

Based on a survey of 1,100 women by Men’s Health, womenfolk exposing them perform ‘ehem’ positions such as the following quote on Saturday (12/03/2016).

1. Face-off

‘ehem’ position while sitting opposite the woman is on top is favored by 48 respondents. Women love this position because they can control the depth of penetration. In addition to face to face and meliaht partner gives sensation.

2. G-Whiz

About 32 percent of respondents liked the position of women in the bottom and lifted her legs over his shoulders. With this position, making Mr. P could reach the G-spot easier.

3. Flatiron

When a woman with a curled up position, then men are present at the back make women feel comfortable. Not surprisingly, about 31 percent of women love this ‘ehem’ position.

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