Beware of 3 Benda Biang Bearer Disease Germs Around You Attempts to make yourself avoid any the disease was not that easy. Bathing twice a day, wash your hands before and after meals, use skin protection as well as taking vitamins to boost immunity turns out it is not enough to ensure someone avoid disease-carrying germs.

Why is that? Without realizing it, there are a number of things around us that each day is used routinely is believed to be the source of disease-carrying germs.

Any objects that mean? Here are answers and brief explanations version Everyday Health Thursday (22/12/2016).


Pillows are used every night to lay the head of the article is very likely to be the source of the bacteria in the form of dust mites that often makes people with asthma become congested.


makeup eye or the more commonly used by women, fur eyes can be a major source of bacteria and fungi if used repeatedly without washing with warm water first after the first run.

Board computer keyboard

Most of the people in the world today already very close relationship with the technology to use also could be days. Remember, the computer keyboard is believed to be the home of hundreds of thousands of germs brought by human fingers from previous activities.

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